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Game Training Phase – age 13-16

Game Training Phase – age 13-16


What is the Game Training Phase?


The purpose of the Skill Acquisition Phase is to acquire the core skills, the Game Training Phase is about learning how to apply them in a functional way. In the Game Training Phase the focus shifts towards learning to play as a team and developing an understanding of the team tasks during the main moments (attacking; defending; transitioning), as well as the specific tasks that go with the individual team positions.

To be able to properly develop the team tasks and the individual player tasks we need the context of a playing formation. After all, team tasks and player tasks may differ depending on the playing formation.

Game Training Sessions are targeted for those players aged 13 - 16 who wish to compete at the highest possible level.


2017 Training has commenced for our Male and Female 13 - 16 age groups.

Training times are:


4.30pm to 6pm at Queens Walk


4.30pm to 6pm at Queens Walk

Please note that all of our teams for 2017 are now full


You will be notified when to register by your coach

Registration Fees for this age group in 2017 are $365 for the year

Included in your Registration for 2017

All training fees

Playing kit provided on match days including shorts and socks

FFA / FFT Registrations including insurance


Ground Hire

First Aid provisions



Training kit is available for purchase on the Zebrastore page of this website.



For any queries on youth, please contact

Technical Director, Enzo Botte


Tel 0438889839