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Skills Acquisition Phase – Ages 9-12

Skills Acquisition Phase – Ages 9-12

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In Australia there is too strong an emphasis on results at too young an age. Therefore generally the biggest, strongest and fastest kids are being identified instead of the most talented ones.

Although winning is the purpose of a game of football, the manner and importance differs per age group. At the younger ages, youth development should focus on teaching children the skills to win a game of football "the proper way". At the world's top level the most skilful players decide the games, not the biggest, strongest and fittest!

At this age, football is about getting better and having fun. The Skills Acquisition Program ensures our youngest footballers are doing just that.


Team Registration


SAP is designed to run alongside school soccer programs, so we strongly encourage players in this age group to play in a team with school until they reach under 13's, where we are able to allocate them a team place.

We do however have limited team places in the junior age group and base them on interest from the SAP player group.

Any players attending term 1 of SAP will be invited to play for Zebras. If there are enough players in that age group, then a team will be allocated in the Central Region Roster.

The team registration fee for this age group is $265 for the year


Registration for FFA / FFT


Ground Hire


First Aid equipment

Match Balls

Administration Fees

These fees have been set by the committee at the beginning of the year and will not be revised until 2018.

Payment is required up front, we are able to accept instalments under special circumstances.




Participants are welcomed at the SAP program at any time throughout the year


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How do I join Zebras SAP?


Please come along to one of the following sessions

Monday 4.30 - 5.30pm at John Turnbull Park, Lenah Valley

For both boys and girls

Wednesday 4.30 - 5.30pm at John Turnbull Park, Lenah Valley

For both boys and girls, with sessions split into boys and girls only sessions.

How much does it cost?

SAP is $10 per session, paid in 8 week term blocks

Attendance on both weekly sessions is advised, however an option to just attend one session per week is available.

What do I wear?

The Zebras SAP kit, including shorts and socks is available here:


This is compulsory for those wishing to represent Zebras in either the SAP festivals or Central Region Rosters.

We advise comfortable, weather appropriate clothing for training.

Drinks Bottle

Soccer boots and shin pads


$160 for BOTH Monday and Wednesday sessions

$80 for Monday OR Wednesday only

Sessions not attended will still be payable (in an update to 2016)

Sessions cancelled will be rescheduled where possible or refunded where sessions are unable to be re-booked.