The President is the leader of the Club and is there to ensure the Club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support the on field efforts of the Club.

Our first President was Mr Anthony Murrell in 1956 and over the years many names appear on the list. We thank them all for their time and efforts.


Mr A Murrell
Dr J Clemente
Mr Aureli
Mr G Garlington
Mr R Clamp
Mr T Abate
Mr V Di Felice
Mr M Saracino
Mr N Martelli
Mr F De Marte


Mr R Dovadola
Mr T Ottavi
Mr R Caccavo
Mr E Schiro
Mr F Cortese
Mr J Bigham
Mr D Di Giovanni
Mr J Francesconi
Mr P Scavone
Mr K Pears


Mr J Genovesi
Mr G Marino
Mr P Sward
Mr M Pace
Mr N Di Giovanni