Life Members


Hobart Zebras awards life membership to people who have made a significant contribution the club either as a player or supporter. Life membership is awarded following a nomination from a member of the club and then voted on at the Annual General Meeting.


Mr. L Genovesi
Mrs. E Genovesi
Mr. C West
Mr. N Di Martino
Mr. K Pears
Mrs. T Schiro
Mrs. R Candon
Mrs. M D’Amico
Mr. D D’Amico
Mrs. L Mazzulli
Mrs. A Marino
Mr. G Pignolosa
Mr. G Garlington
Ms. M Absolom
Mr. J Genovesi
Mr. M Falzon
Mr. S Pace
Mr. R Ferguson
Mr M. Pace
Mr B. Pears
Mr T. Watson