Skills Acquisition Program at Hobart Zebras Football Academy

In Australia there is too strong an emphasis on results at too young an age. Therefore generally the biggest, strongest and fastest kids are being identified instead of the most talented ones.

Although winning is the purpose of a game of football, the manner and importance differs per age group. At the younger ages, youth development should focus on teaching children the skills to win a game of football “the proper way”. At the world’s top level the most skilful players decide the games, not the biggest, strongest and fittest!

At this age, football is about getting better and having fun. The Skills Acquisition Program ensures our youngest footballers are doing just that.


Participants are welcomed at the SAP program at any time throughout the year. Players who play for their school are also welcome to come to SAP to improve their skills and will be expected to play in the SAP festivals and Cup tournaments for Hobart Zebras.



Please contact [email protected]au to join




What do I wear?

The Zebras SAP kit, including shorts and socks is available for $55

available at training sessions

The SAP kit is compulsory for those wishing to represent Zebras in either the SAP festivals or Central Region Rosters.

We advise comfortable, weather appropriate clothing for training.

Drinks Bottle

Soccer boots and shin pads

Mouthguard (optional)


Skills Aquisition Program Term 3 2018

Commences Tuesday 24th July

$160 for both Tuesday and Thursday sessions

$80 for Tuesday OR Thursday

Sessions not attended will still be payable at the beginning of the term in advance.

Sessions cancelled due to ground closure will be rescheduled where possible or refunded where sessions are unable to be re-booked

Please follow our facebook page, Hobart Zebras Football Academy for ground Cancellations

Playing in a team for Hobart Zebras FC in the Central Region Roster

Any players attending term 1 of SAP will be invited to play for Zebras. If there are enough players in that age group, then a team will be allocated in the Central Region Roster in the Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 competitions. There are also female only team options.

The central region roster kicks off on 5th May 2018. Registrations are now closed and teams are completed for 2018.


The team registration fee for this age group is $265 for the year


A half hour team training session, once or twice a week

Registration for FFA / FFT


Ground Hire


First Aid equipment

Match Balls

Administration Fees

These fees have been set by the committee at the beginning of the year and will not be revised until 2019.

Payment is required up front, we are able to accept instalments under special circumstances.